Discover how the culture of bravery can bring teams closer together, power up leaders, promote diversity and turn values into action.


Live and online

Unify remote teams through haka.

Experience our classic teambuilding workshop, reimagined online and designed to bring solidarity, trust and openness to remote working teams. For decades the All Blacks New Zealand rugby team have used haka to unlock team success and resilience. In this dynamic workshop, your team will feel connected and united wherever they are in the world.

Book alongside our Diversity and Inclusion Workshop or The Leadership Workshop.

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Sow seeds of diversity and inclusion in your workplace inspired by the practice of pepeha.

In this workshop, your team will explore and share their connection to place and community in a safe environment. Based on a framework called ‘pepeha’ from our Māori culture, we use this process as a way to introduce ourselves. Through personal storytelling, we create better connections. Empower your team to discover and celebrate the unique values we as individuals can bring to a shared work place.

Book alongside The Teambuilder Workshop. Your team will learn to fully embody principles of diversity and authenticity.

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Discover how to unite your team with shared purpose, through the philosophy of rangatiratanga.

Uncover the secrets to the culture of bravery and how to introduce them into your own work. In Māori, Rangatira is the word for leadership and means “to weave a group with purpose”. This will be the guiding principle of this workshop – how to instill shared purpose into the very fabric of your team. Stop managing and start leading with this interactive workshop.

Go deeper and embed these principles by booking alongside The Teambuilder Workshop.

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Build your unique haka to reflect the values and mission of your team, company or event.

Learn to perform your haka, and appoint haka leaders to take it forward, embedding it in your organisation or conference. Together we will workshop your values, vision and mission.

This is a fun, engaging and powerful workshop that leaves you with something exclusively and authentically yours.

*For live training only.

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Tailor training for your team or event.

Talk to our consultants about creating a workshop that is unique to your goals and challenges. The duration of our workshops are tailored to fit into your schedules. Whether it’s embracing or driving change, improving corporate culture or making your event more memorable.

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